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    Inspired by every little things that make us love Indonesia, we work with local artisans in East Java such as in Pekalongan, Yogyakarta, and Solo where our textiles are made with old techniques, to create something from our heritage. Each design and pattern has a story created with love for you to wear and share.


    Designed in a simple and chic ambiance, our new collection presents the Indonesian beauty in modern line. With a mix of sophisticated designs and traditional textiles, you will still find bohemian, edgy, elegant, romantic, and masculine style in this Batik and Lurik collection, Exotica Cultura.


    Exotica; ex·ot·i·ca /iɡˈzädikə/ means things excitingly different or unusual and unique. Artistic items having an exotic theme or nature. To this meaningful word, we choose ‘Allegra’ to represent this character. Allegra /əˈlɛɡrə/ means joyful and lively.

    Her name is Allegra. Her love for dancing is as big as her mom’s affection for her red curly hair and brown eyes. She’s unified, completely free, and in tune with herself. She brings joy and laugh, everyone wants to be her friend. She moves with the wind and it is captivating. “One Two Three! Play my jam!” She said. Don’t you adore her?


    Cultura; from ‘culture’/kəlCHər/ means the beliefs, customs, the way of life and arts. 'Sophia' is the right choice to portray this image. Sophia /so-FEE-ə/ means wisdom and beautiful.

    Sophia is one-of-a-kind. A classic, wise, and caring girl who will stick by your side no matter what. You’ll love staring in to her dark brown eyes, they make you feel all warm inside. She sees the word in philosophical way and nature is her best friend. After you meet her, all you want to say is, ‘can I be your friend too?’


    We pour our heart into this collection. Hope this special line will be loved by many. #iamPROUD



    With love,
    Encyclo team


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