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Encyclo, founded in 2014, is a retail fashion brand, specialize in modest woman apparel. The concept itself is based on current trend making the collection relevant to the prevailing fashion. We focused on a daily wear, affordable price, nice and easy to be worn as for day and night, from casual to festive look, from Monday to Sunday. All collection are selected garments, designed with quirk twist of detailing, playful cutting and quality materials. We want to make sustainable, good-quality fashion accessible to as many people as possible.



Fashion is for everyone. Characterized by its DNA of Modest fashion, we have two screenplays to offer; Muslim wear & Casual friendly. Our collection is intended to those who are not afraid to do a mix and match. We want Encyclo woman to be inspiring and brave enough to combine fashion items, such as mixing up quirky blouse with long coat and platform sandal or wear tunic shirt with long skirt and belt with sneakers. Knowing what she wants and express her ignorance through fashion by wearing a tee and jeans to a meeting but with a touch of constructed blazer to give a professional vibe. We want our women to be more playful, wear a colorful and bright outfit or accessories in another day just to show her twisted mind. But there’s one thing that we promise with every piece of our clothing, it has to be something that any woman with any style would proudly wear. Because, for us, fashion is all about being yourself, express & improve your personal style and attitude.



We are dedicated to always create the best offering to our customers. We have 3 stores in Bandung & Bekasi at accessible locations, also available at the department store, LGM. And also a web store to give an easy and fun online shopping experience, to fulfill the stylish and fashionable needs of our customers.  We will make sure you have a fuss-free experience with our website with excellent customer services, weekend free shipping, return policy, and variety payment methods.



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